Ilhéu Laje Branca

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Ilhéu Laje Branca
Location Atlantic Ocean
Coordinates 15°18′47″N 23°08′13″W / 15.313°N 23.137°W / 15.313; -23.137Coordinates: 15°18′47″N 23°08′13″W / 15.313°N 23.137°W / 15.313; -23.137
Length 0.08 km (0.05 mi)
Width 0.07 km (0.043 mi)
Highest elevation 5 m (16 ft)
Cape Verde
Municipality Maio
Population 0

Ilhéu Laje Branca[1] is an uninhabited islet near the north coast of Maio Island, Cape Verde 320 meters north. It lies about 400 m from the coast[2]

Laje Branca is 172 meters long an 148 meters wide, its shoreline is 582 m long[3]


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