Ilha dos Lobos

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Ilha dos Lobos with Torres on the background

Ilha dos Lobos is a small island on the Atlantic coast of Torres, Rio Grande do Sul state in Brazil.

Origin of the name[edit]

The island's name comes from the fur seals (Lobos marinhos in Portuguese) that are commonly observed on the island.

Island Environment Protection[edit]

The island is currently considered an Ecological Reserve (according to Brazilian national system of conservation units) and is protected by federal laws. Visitors are not allowed to disembark without authorization.


Surfer riding wave on the vicinity of the island

This island has recently been discovered by the surfing community as a giant point break with proper conditions for Tow-in surfing. Much of the effort to establish Ilha dos Lobos as an international class tow-in surf spot is credited to Torres Local Surf hero Zeca Scheffer, who died in a car crash in Dec 2006.[citation needed]

Surfing in this island is banned because of its conservation status by national laws.


Although proper conditions are rare it is possible to dive around the island. There is a merchant ship wreck in the vicinity of the island.

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Coordinates: 29°20′S 49°42′W / 29.333°S 49.700°W / -29.333; -49.700