Iliad Glacier

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Iliad Glacier
Map showing the location of Iliad Glacier
Map showing the location of Iliad Glacier
Location of Iliad Glacier in Antarctica
LocationPalmer Archipelago
Coordinates64°27′S 63°27′W / 64.450°S 63.450°W / -64.450; -63.450
TerminusLapeyrère Bay

Iliad Glacier (64°27′S 63°27′W / 64.450°S 63.450°W / -64.450; -63.450Coordinates: 64°27′S 63°27′W / 64.450°S 63.450°W / -64.450; -63.450) is a glacier flowing northeast from the central highlands of Anvers Island between the Achaean Range and the Trojan Range into Lapeyrere Bay, in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica. It was surveyed in 1955 by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey and named by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee for Homer's Iliad.[1]

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