Ilir Bozhiqi

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Ilir Bozhiqi (born 22 May 1965) is an Albanian retired footballer who played as a goalkeeper for Dinamo Tirana.


He was the first foreign goalkeeper to play in the Romanian football.[1] He transferred from Dinamo Tirana to FC Braşov in 1991, where he stayed for four seasons, before moving to another Romanian team Tractorul Braşov in 1995. In his spell at FC Braşov he came up to 57 caps in the first division, although having toguh competition from teammates Şanta, Todericiu and Adrian Ene. In this time he also learned Romanian language, saying a in visit back there: "The time spent in Romania was the most beautiful of my career. I can not forget Braşov and the colleagues that I had, starting from Şanta and Ene, up to Săvoiu and Marian Ivan."[1]

He is now goalkeepers coach at the Albanian national football team and Dinamo Tirana.