Imrahor Ilyas Bey

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Imrahor Ilyas Bey
Born 1408
Panarit (now Albania)
Died Korçë
Occupation Ottoman military commander, governor
Known for Service to Mehmed II, Mirahori Mosque, Korçë

Imrahor Ilyas Bey (Turkish: İmrahor İlyas Bey, Albanian: Iljaz Bej Mirahori) was an Ottoman military commander and governor, who served sultan Bayezid II. He married the daughter of sultan Mehmet II and governed Korçë (now Albania) in the 15th century.[1]

He was born in Panarit, Korçë District[2][unreliable source?] and entered Janissary service probably during the reign of Murad II.

He was one of the most loyal subjects of the young emperor Mehmet II, and dedicated his life to the service of the Emperor against Skanderbeg and his forces. In the year 1453, Iljaz Hoxha's role in the Siege of Constantinople earned him the title Mirahor (General of Cavalry). Later he received the Mirahor Evel title (Head General).[1] After the conquest he became the sanjak-bey of Korçë (now in Albania). Under the command of Mehmet II he developed Korçë as both a cultural center and garrison city. He constructed its first mosque, the Mirahori Mosque.[3]

Sami Frashëri, who claimed descent from Imrahor's wife Emine Frashëri, wrote about him.[2]


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