Ill Flava Records

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Ill Flava Records
Ill flava records logo.jpg
Founded 1999
Founder Karl Hinds
Distributor(s) Cargo Records
Genre Hip hop, R&B
Country of origin UK
Location London, United Kingdom
Official website Ill Flava Records Ill Flava on Facebook

Ill Flava Records is a record label based in East London, United Kingdom. Founded by UK hip hop award winner Karl Hinds in 2000, the label gained instant recognition with its classic first release "Don Gramma" (2000) by Karl Hinds, which won numerous awards and nominations for the artist and his label. Ill Flava released its first album in 2002, Hindsight by Karl Hinds and featured recording artists Blak Twang, Grammy award winner Estelle, Wildflower, and Seanie T.

Ill Flava Records entered the International music scene when Karl Hinds secured the exclusive rights in the UK to release German producer DJ Dynamite's album Welcome to the world of Joni Rewind while on tour with him in Germany supporting ASD. With this album came the release of singles performed by world-renowned artists on Ill Flava Records, such acts as Jamaican Reggae legend Capleton ("what's it gonna take" 7 inch single) and UK based Grammy award winner Estelle ("Uptown Top Rankin" 12 inch single).

In 2004 Ill Flava Records released its third album "Have Patience" by Karl Hinds which further solidified the labels reputation in Hip Hop across the UK and Europe. The album contained the single "Lets av it" which featured skinnyman.

In 2009 Karl Hinds signed Hip Hop artist and producer Jeff3 to the label and recorded the single "Fella" featuring Jeff3 which is taken from the label's 4th studio album release The need to be heard by Karl Hinds (album scheduled for release in 2010). 2010 marks the 10th year of Ill Flava Records with plans to release albums from Karl Hinds (completed), Jeff3 (currently recording) and Knew Rulz (currently recording), this is set to be the company's biggest year.


Affiliated Artists[edit]


  • UKHH Awards
    • 2001, Best Hip Hop Video: Karl Hinds (Winner for Don Gramma single from the album Hindsight, released: 2002)
    • 2001, Best Single for Don Gramma: Karl Hinds (Nominated)
    • 2001, Best New Comer: Karl Hinds (Nominated)
    • 2003, Best Single for Get To Know Me: Karl Hinds (Nominated)


Album/Single Information
Hindsight (album) by Karl Hinds
  • Released: 2002
  • Singles: "Don Gramma", "The Next (original)", & "Get To Know Me"
Joni Rewind (album)|Welcome to the World of Joni by Joni Rewind
  • Released: 2003
  • Singles: "Uptown Top Rankin (Featuring Estelle)", & "Whats It Gonna Take (Featuring Capleton)",
Have Patience (album) by Karl Hinds
  • Released: 2004
  • Singles: "Lets Av It (Featuring Skinnyman)", & "You Done Know"
Life (Single) by Serocee
  • Released: 2006
  • Singles: "Life", & "War"


Don Gramma (Karl Hinds) Directed by The Heretic
  • Released: 2001
Get To Know Me Remix (Karl Hinds) Directed by The Heretic
  • Released: 2003
Lets Av It (Karl Hinds Featuring Skinnyman) Directed by Luke Biggins
  • Released: 2004
Life (Serocee) Directed by Luke Biggins
  • Released: 2006

Upcoming Releases[edit]

Over 3 Years (Digital Download Single) by Karl Hinds
  • Scheduled: 2010
The Need To Be Heard (Album) by Karl Hinds
  • Scheduled: 2010
Jeff3 (Debut Single) by Jeff3
  • Scheduled: 2010
Ruling Class (Album) Knew Rulz
  • Scheduled: 2010

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