Illawarra Coke Company

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The Illawarra Coke Company in Coalcliff.
Coalcliff village with the Tasman Sea and the beach as seen from the south.

The Illawarra Coke Company (ICC) is located in Coalcliff and Corrimal, in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia where historically coal was mined on the slopes of the Illawarra escarpment. After the mines were closed, coke making still occurs on these sites. The company was the only independent producer of metallurgical and foundry coke in Australia and has been privately owned since 1996. It produced premium grade coke for metallurgical processing and foundry to Australian and overseas base metals producers for lead and zinc smelting and iron production for steelmaking. The company's two cokeworks are adjacent to all major transport links.

In April 2014, Illawarra Coke Company closed.

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