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Canal d'Ille et Rance à Chevaigné.jpg
The Ille in Chevaigné near Rennes
Country France
Physical characteristics
Main source Brittany
River mouth Vilaine
48°6′27″N 1°41′50″W / 48.10750°N 1.69722°W / 48.10750; -1.69722 (Vilaine-Ille)Coordinates: 48°6′27″N 1°41′50″W / 48.10750°N 1.69722°W / 48.10750; -1.69722 (Vilaine-Ille)
Length 48.9 km (30.4 mi)
Basin features
Progression VilaineAtlantic Ocean

The Ille (French pronunciation: ​[il]) is a small river in Brittany, France, right tributary of the river Vilaine. It is 48.9 km (30.4 mi) long.[1] It flows into the Vilaine in the city Rennes.

The Ille is linked to the river Rance by the Canal d'Ille-et-Rance. By this canal, Rennes has a connection with the English Channel coast at St. Malo. The canal is used primarily for tourist boats.

The Ille flows through the department Ille-et-Vilaine and the following towns: Montreuil-sur-Ille, Betton and Rennes. From Montreuil to Rennes the river runs parallel to the Canal d'Ille-et-Rance.