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Illegal Musik
Parent company Warner Music New Zealand
Genre Hip-hop, R&B
Location New Zealand
Official website

Illegal Musik is a New Zealand Lifestyle Company - with a primary focus on Music & Entertainment. Its success started via its development of R&B singer J.Williams and has grown to include a wide range of artists from various genres. It currently has a partnership with Warner Music NZ and Australia. record label HQ are based in New Zealand

Company history[edit]

Illegal Musik was founded by CEO Mark Arona (aka Patriarch of NZ hip hop group Ill Semantics) and business partner Eddie Bennett (aka Hard Work) mid-2007. Their first two signings J.Williams and Erakah picked up both Best Male and Female artist awards at the 2010 Pacific Island Music Awards.

The label's production house is headed up by Inoke Finau "N.O.X" (lead guitarist of Rock Band Junipah).

Illegal Musik produced the first all LIVE 3D Music Video for artist J.Williams 'You Got Me' through a partnership with New Zealand company 3D Live and Director Damien Caine. They picked up an award for the video 'You Got Me' for innovation in New Zealand Music in 2010 and the single also picked up 'Best Hip-Hop Video' at the Juice TV Awards (May 2010).

The label have also signed a partnership with Warner Australia and have released three singles from J.Williams 'You Got Me' (July/ August 2010). 'Takes Me Higher - Illegal Remix (2011) and 'Live It Up' (2011).

The name "Illegal Musik" came from the title of the first EP for founder Patriarch's group, Ill Semantics. [edit]

Notable artists[edit]

Illegal Musik has signed a lot of artists coming from different genres.[1]

Previous artists[edit]


This is the list of albums released under Illegal Musik.


!Year of Release Title Artist Charted Certification
2006 "Good Music" Ill Semantics —18
2009 "Young Love" J.Williams 6 Gold


Year of Release Title Artist Charted Certification
2008 "Blow Your Mind" J.Williams 13
2008 "Set It Off" J.Williams 36
2009 "Ghetto Flower" J.Williams 5 Platinum
2009 "Infatuated" Erakah
2009 "Stand With You" J.Williams (featuring Lavina Williams) 6 Gold
2009 "Wonderful" Erakah
2009 "Your Style" J.Williams (featuring Erakah) 16
2010 "My Love" DJCXL (featuring The Gift and J.Williams)
2010 "You Got Me" J.Williams (featuring Scribe) 1 2x Platinum
2010 "Say This With Me" Vince Harder 39
2010 "Takes Me Higher" J.Williams (featuring Dane Rumble) 2 Platinum
2010 "Day and Night" Erakah (featuring JR)
2010 "Never" K.One (featuring Junipah)
2010 "Alone No More" Vince Harder (featuring K.One)
2010 "Natural" DJCXL (featuring Erakah and K.One)
2010 "Night of Your Life" J.Williams (featuring K.One) 4 Gold
2010 "Walking Away" K.One (featuring Jason Kerrison) 38
2010 "In or Out" Erakah (featuring K.One)
2010 "Summer Dayz" Vince Harder (featuring Young Sid)
2010 "I Like It" Illegal Banditz (featuring Brooke Fowler and K.One)
2011 "I Want This Forever" Vince Harder
2012 "Come On Home" Titanium 1 2x Platinum

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