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Illicit Streetwear is a clothing company based in Auckland, New Zealand, formed in 1996 by Steve Hodge & Illustrator friend Martin Emond.

The First Illicit Clothing store was opened on Aucklands Elliot St in 1997. Over the years Illicit Streetwear expanded from selling just T-shirts to include Jeans & Gasoline Shirts & then on to releasing a full cut & sew range every year. Early Illicit designs were instantly recognisable due to the edgy artwork of Martin F Emond and his studio partner Simon Morse, often featuring comic style, graffiti, punk rock, fetish & political protest inspired artwork, which helped them to carve out a niche in the New Zealand youth fashion scene.

In 2004 after the death of co-founder Martin Emond, Illicit Streetwear opened Illicit HQ on Auckland's Karangahape Road, which as well as being the flagship store for the Illicit Streetwear brand, also offered tattoo & body piercing.

In 2009 Illicit decided to close its venture with Tattoo & Piercing and concentrate on its roots in clothing. Illicit Streetwear is available throughout N.Z and the world & has been worn by celebrities & musicians from Marilyn Manson to Ghostface Killah.

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