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"Illinois Loyalty" is the main school song of the University of Illinois.

First performed March 3, 1906, 'Illinois Loyalty' is one of the oldest songs of its kind in the United States. The song was written by Thacher Guild specifically for the Marching Illini.

The march is now used by several high schools in Illinois and other states—-for example, Morton High School(Illinois), Bowie High School (El Paso, TX), Batavia (Illinois) High School, Palatine (Illinois) High School, Lake Zurich (Illinois) High School, Morgan (Utah) High School, Havre (Montana) High School, Marshfield (Wisconsin) High School, Marshfield (Oregon) High School, Medford (Minnesota) High School, Hollywood (California) High School, Grandville (Michigan) High School, Middlesboro (Kentucky) High School Yellow Jackets for their fight song, Webster City (Iowa) High School, Shenandoah (Iowa) High School, and Waverly-Shell Rock (Iowa) High School—as the tune for their fight song; and is the official alma mater of Long Beach Polytechnic High School (California).

Due to the song's length (over a minute long), it is normally played only at the beginning, halftime, and end of a game. However, it is not considered rousing enough for a large crowd at a game. For that reason, Oskee Wow-Wow was written five years later as the school's fight song.

Other prominent composers who wrote marches for the University of Illinois include John Philip Sousa ("University of Illinois March"), Edwin Franko Goldman ("March Illinois") and Karl L. King ("Pride of the Illini").


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