Illinois Railway

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Illinois Railway
Reporting mark IR
Locale Illinois
Dates of operation 1997–
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Headquarters Ottawa, Illinois

The Illinois Railway (formerly Illinois Railnet) (reporting mark IR) is a shortline railroad operating in northern Illinois, United States. It operates 113 miles (182 km) of former Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway trackage. This railroad was created in 1997 and operates 4 lines in Northern Illinois.[1] It is owned by OmniTRAX.


ID From To Trackage Rights Acquired Operations Route Map[2]
Ottawa Branch Streator, IL Montgomery, IL From Montgomery to BNSF's Eola Yard in Aurora, IL December 1997
  • Switching in Ottawa (Job 104)
  • Transfers between Ottawa and Wedron (Job 104)
  • Daily freight from Ottawa to Eola (Job 104 to Wedron and Jobs 206/207 to Eola)
  • Daily freight from Eola to Wedron (Jobs 206/207)
  • Occasional freight from Ottawa to Streator and back
Distance      Station
BNSF Mendota Subdivision
40.2 mi
64.7 km
43.3 mi
69.7 km
49.4 mi
79.5 km
56.0 mi
90.1 km
59.6 mi
95.9 km
64.4 mi
103.6 km
68.9 mi
110.9 km
72.8 mi
117.2 km
80.9 mi
130.2 km
CSX/IAIS Crossing (Former RI)
89.6 mi
144.2 km
Grand Ridge
BNSF Chillicothe Subdivision
NS Kankakee Belt Route
96.2 mi
154.8 km
La Salle Branch La Salle, IL Zearing, IL 2004 Daily from Ladd to LaSalle to Zearing, back to Ladd (Job 105)
Distance      Station
BNSF Mendota Subdivision
44.1 mi
71 km
36.6 mi
58.9 km
30.9 mi
49.7 km
Spring Valley
25.7 mi
41.4 km
Junction CSX/IAIS (Former RI)
Oregon Branch Mt. Morris, IL Oregon, IL Oregon to Flagg Center 2004
  • Daily Unit Sand to West Oregon
  • Occasional Freight From Oregon to Mt. Morris
Distance      Station
6.5 mi
10.5 km
Mt. Morris
0 mi
0 km
BNSF Aurora Subdivision
Rockford Branch Flagg Center, IL Rockford, IL Flagg Center to Oregon January 1999 Nightly
Dist. Station
23.5 mi
37.8 km
Old Alignment
23.5 mi
37.8 km
Joseph Behr & Sons Recycling
Canadian National (Former IC)
18.5 mi
29.8 km
Camp Grant
11.7 mi
18.8 km
Davis Junction
Canadian Pacific (Former MILW)
4.8 mi
7.7 km
0.2 mi
0.3 km
Flagg Center
BNSF Aurora Subdivision

Trackage Rights[edit]

  • Montgomery to Eola
  • Power only Oregon to Aurora
  • Power only Zearing to Montgomery [3]

Locomotive Power[edit]

ID Model Location Notes
HLCX 916 EMD GP38-3 Ottawa Branch ex-UP, Helm Leasing Company (HLCX)
HLCX 2525 EMD GP38-3 Ottawa Branch Rebuilt UP EMD GP40, Leased from HLCX
GMTX 2604 EMD GP38-2 Ottawa Branch
IR 7444 EMD SD45R Ottawa Branch ex-SP
IR 9238 EMD SD45T-2 Ottawa Branch ex-SP
HBRY 5001 EMD SD50 Oregon Branch ex-UP, Hudson Bay Railway (HBRY)
HBRY 5006 EMD SD50 Ottawa Branch ex-UP, Hudson Bay Railway (HBRY)
HBRY 5008 EMD SD50 Ottawa Branch ex-UP, Hudson Bay Railway (HBRY)
HBRY 5009 EMD SD50 Ottawa Branch ex-UP, Hudson Bay Railway (HBRY)
OMLX 1472 EMD SW14 Ottawa Branch Rebuilt IC SW9
IR 3500 EMD GP35 LaSalle Branch ex-SP
HLCX 1019 EMD GP38-3 LaSalle Branch Rebuilt UP EMD GP40, Leased from HLCX
HLCX 2551 EMD GP38-2 LaSalle Branch Rebuilt UP EMD GP40, Leased from HLCX
HLCX 1000 EMD GP38-3 Oregon Branch Rebuilt UP EMD GP40, Leased from HLCX
HLCX 1003 EMD GP38-3 Rockford Branch Rebuilt UP EMD GP40, Leased from HLCX
ID Model Location Notes
NREX 7285 EMD SD40-2 Purchased by D and I Railroad ex-BN
OMLX 5625 EMD GP20MQ Transferred to Alabama & Tennessee River RR Former Demonstrator, ex-SP, 645 prime mover
HLCX 3839 EMD GP38-2 Returned Off Lease
ILSX 1390 EMD GP39-2 Off property
NREX 3333 EMD GP50 Sent to Chicago Rail Link ex-C&NW 5075
GATX 2657 EMD GP38-2 Off lease ex-Conrail, rebuilt GP38
HLCX 1027 EMD GP38-2 Off lease Rebuilt EMD GP40
OMLX 9259 EMD SD45T-2 Transferred to NKCR Née-SP, ex-LTEX
NKCR 2 EMD GP7 Operated by ADM of Ottawa Lease Expired
NKCR 3 CF-7 Scrapped Lease Expired
LLPX 1513 EMD GP15-1 Off Property Lease Expired
CSP 1 GE B23-7 Sold, Scrapped.
CSP 2 GE B23-7 Sold, Scrapped.
CSP 3 GE B23-7 Sold, Scrapped.
CSP 4 GE B23-7 Sold, Scrapped May have been saved.
IR 5 CF-7 Scrapped
IR 6 GE B23-7 Sold, Scrapped.
IR 7 GE B23-7 Sold, Scrapped.
GMTX 9041 EMD SD60 Sold to Providence & Worcester. Renumbered GMTX 9000. Ex: EMDX 3. Only SD60 with Radial Trucks.


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