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Illinois Supreme Court
Seal of the Supreme Court of Illinois.png
Seal of the Supreme Court of Illinois
Established1818 (1818)[1]
LocationSpringfield, Illinois
Coordinates39°47′53″N 89°39′10″W / 39.797928°N 89.652724°W / 39.797928; -89.652724Coordinates: 39°47′53″N 89°39′10″W / 39.797928°N 89.652724°W / 39.797928; -89.652724
MottoLatin: Audi Alteram Partem
Hear the other side
Composition methodPartisan election
Authorized byIllinois Constitution
Appeals toSupreme Court of the United States
Judge term length10 years
Number of positions7
WebsiteOfficial website
Chief Justice
CurrentlyAnne M. Burke
SinceOctober 25, 2019 (2019-10-25)

The Supreme Court of Illinois is the state supreme court, the highest court of the State of Illinois. The court's authority is granted in Article VI of the current Illinois Constitution, which provides for seven justices elected from the five appellate judicial districts of the state: three justices from the First District (Cook County) and one from each of the other four districts. Each justice is elected for a term of ten years[2] and the chief justice is elected by the court from its members for a three-year term.


The court has limited original jurisdiction and has final appellate jurisdiction. It has mandatory jurisdiction in capital cases and cases where the constitutionality of laws has been called into question, and discretionary jurisdiction from the Illinois Appellate Court. Along with the state legislature, the court promulgates rules for all state courts. Also, its members have the authority to elevate trial judges to the appellate court on a temporary basis.[3] The court administers professional discipline through the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee and it governs initial licensing through the Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar.

The official reporter of the Illinois Supreme Court is Illinois Reports.


The Illinois Supreme Court is separated into 5 districts, with one Justice elected from each except the 1st, which elects three Justices. They are separated by county lines, as follows. As of 2018 Census estimates, the populations are: 1st District: 5,194,000; 2nd District: 3,189,000; 3rd District: 1,805,000; 4th District 1,320,000; 5th District: 1,321,000.

1st District[edit]

2nd District[edit]

3rd District[edit]

4th District[edit]

5th District[edit]


Illinois Supreme Court, Springfield, Illinois

While the justices of many states' supreme courts are expected to relocate to the state capital for the duration of their terms of office, the justices of the Illinois Supreme Court continue to reside in their home districts and have chambers in their respective appellate districts (for example, the three First District justices are chambered in the Michael Bilandic Building in Chicago). The justices travel to Springfield to hear oral arguments and deliberate. Accordingly, the Illinois Supreme Courthouse includes temporary apartments for the justices' use while in Springfield.

Current Justices[edit]

Name Party Joined Term Ends District Law school attended
Anne M. Burke (Chief Justice) Democratic 2006 2028 1st Chicago-Kent College of Law
Mary Jane Theis Democratic 2010 2022 1st University of San Francisco
P. Scott Neville Jr. Democratic 2018 2020 1st Washington University School of Law
Michael J. Burke Republican 2020 2022 2nd UIC John Marshall Law School
Thomas L. Kilbride Democratic 2000 2020 3rd Antioch School of Law
Rita B. Garman Republican 2001 2022 4th University of Iowa College of Law
Lloyd A. Karmeier[4] Republican 2004[5] 2024 5th University of Illinois College of Law

Previous Justices[edit]




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