Illionaire Records

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Illionaire Records
Illionaire Records logo.jpg
The logo of Illionaire Records
Founded 2011 (2011) - present
Founder The Quiett, Dok2
Distributor(s) CJ E&M, Genuine Music Inc.
Genre Hip hop
Country of origin South Korea
Location Seoul, South Korea
Official website

Illionaire Records is an independent South Korean record label formed in January 2011 by rappers The Quiett and Dok2. The label also represents rapper Beenzino. Despite its small size, Illionaire Records is considered one of the most influential hip hop record labels in South Korea due to the popularity of its artists.[1][2][3]


Friends and rappers The Quiett and Dok2 formed Illionaire Records on January 1, 2011. They signed rapper Beenzino later that year. The Quiett later said in an interview with Complex that he wanted to start a small label to avoid the traditional k-pop major label system. "On major labels, the money made by the artists is first given to the company to pay the bosses, managers, and staff members. In our case, we’re the bosses," he said. The label has only one employee and none of the three rappers are bound by contracts.[2]

The label experienced a surge of popularity in its first few years due to Dok2's many collaborations with Korean-American singer and rapper Jay Park.[1]

Illionaire Records toured Korea in the summer of 2012.[4] On November 11, the three artists released the free track "Illionaire Gang" to coincide with their "Illionaire Day Concert."[5]

In 2014, the label were the headliners for the "Asian Music Festival Summer Concert" in New York City on May 21.[6] That summer the label also released a compilation album entitled "11:11."[7]

Dok2 and The Quiett represented Illionaire Records on the third season of the TV rap competition Show Me the Money, where they were the producers of winning contestant Bobby of IKON.[8] They, being famous only under-ground, became famous to people after they appeared in the Show Me the Money. Showing the genius recording ability, Illionare Records became even more spotlighted.

Background of Korean Hip-hop culture[edit]

Towards the end of the Korean War, Korean people became more acceptable westernized culture. [9] Especially, the biggest change was accepting Hip-hop culture. Since Korea had really conservative beliefs, it was hard to mingle with a culture that expresses freedom and criticizes society, like Hip-hop does. However, as people's thought has been changed, Hip-hop gained a lot of popularity. Dok2 is one of the pioneers of Hip-hop in Korea.


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