Illizi Province

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Illizi Province

ولاية اليزي
Map of Algeria highlighting Illizi
Map of Algeria highlighting Illizi
Coordinates: 26°29′N 8°28′E / 26.483°N 8.467°E / 26.483; 8.467Coordinates: 26°29′N 8°28′E / 26.483°N 8.467°E / 26.483; 8.467
Country Algeria
 • PPA presidentAbdelkader Benhoued
 • WāliBoualem Tiffour
 • Total285,000 km2 (110,000 sq mi)
 • Total52,333
 • Density0.18/km2 (0.48/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
Area Code+213 (0) 29
ISO 3166 codeDZ-33

Illizi (Arabic: ولاية اليزي‎) is a province (wilaya) in the south-eastern corner of Algeria named after its eponymous seat. It borders Ouargla Province to the north, Tunisia to the extreme northeast, Libya to the east, Niger to the southeast and Tamanrasset Province to the south and west. As of the 2008 census, the province had a population of 52,333 and an annual growth rate of 4.5%.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The province is divided into 3 districts,[3] which are further divided into 6 communes or municipalities.


Illizi Province Districts.svg
  1. Djanet
  2. Illizi (district-municipality)
  3. In Aménas


  1. Bordj El Houasse
  2. Bordj Omar Driss
  3. Debdeb
  4. Djanet
  5. Illizi
  6. In Aménas

Natural resources[edit]

The area is rich in natural gas. One of the most promising sites for natural gas production is the Ain Tsila gas field in the Isarene permit, some 57% of which is owned by the Irish company Petroceltic International,[4] 18% by the Italian company Enel,[4] and the rest by the Algerian government-owned Sonatrach.[5] Reportedly, Petroceltic's 56.7% is worth between US$800 million and US$1 billion.[4]


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