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Background information
Origin Germany
Genres Electropop, gothic rock, dark wave, neoclassical darkwave, Neue Deutsche Todeskunst
Years active 1993–present
Members Vocals: Johannes Berthold
Guitar: Jörn Langenfeld
Drums: Stefan Dittrich
Keyboards: Johannes Knees
Backing Vocals: Manja Wagner
Backing Vocals: Sylvia Berthold
Past members Carmen R. Schäfer
Anja Krone
Daniela Dietz
Conny Schindler
Markus Nauli
Sylvia Berthold
Christian Olbert
Laura Dragoi
Ulrike Schneidewind
Cindy Vogel
Mathias Kurth
Notable instruments

Illuminate is a German Gothic music band from Karlsruhe formed in 1993 by Johannes Berthold.


They played M'era Luna in 2000, 2003 and 2010. Their song Dunkellicht was on the German Alternative Charts for 8 weeks in 2000, peaking at #4.[1] Their 2004 album Augenblicke was released on Nuclear Blast records as well as Johannes Berthold's Gallery label. Ex-Mystic Prophecy Drummer Stefan Dittrich joined the band in 2009 after Mathias Kurth quit due to personal reasons. Currently they are working on new material for their next record.

Musical Style[edit]

Illuminate's early albums are often associated with Neue Deutsche Todeskunst (literally, New German Death Art), especially their 1996 album Verfall. Their music has fewer rock elements and much catchier tunes than more typical Gothic and Darkwave bands. Illuminate's melodies often have piano accompaniment, and their later albums included more electropop elements. Their songs often have themes such as love, loss, longing and the transience of existence.


Current members[edit]

Johannes Berthold (2014)
  • Johannes Berthold - Vocals, Piano Keyboards, Programming, Bass Guitar
  • Jörn Langenfeld - Guitar
  • Stefan Dittrich - Drums
  • Johannes Knees - Keyboards

Support Members[edit]

  • Manja Wagner - Vocals
  • Sylvia Berthold - Vocals

Former Members[edit]

  • Carmen R. Schäfer - drums
  • Conny Schindler - Vocals
  • Mathias Kurth - Drums
  • Anja Krone - Vocals
  • Daniela Dietz - Vocals
  • Markus Nauli - Keyboard
  • Cindy Vogel - Performer
  • Christian Olbert - Performer
  • Laura Dragoi - Performer
  • Ulrike Schneidewind - Performer



ZwischenWelten (2012)

Compilation Albums[edit]

  • 10 x 10 (2003)
  • Splitter (2009)


  • Poesie (1993)
  • Es atmet! (1994)Nur Für Dich
  • Nur Für Dich (1999)
  • Dunkellicht (2000)
  • Bittersüßes Gift (2001)
  • GemEinsam (2011)

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