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Illuminati Hotties
Illuminati Hotties performing at SXSW in 2019
Illuminati Hotties performing at SXSW in 2019
Background information
OriginLos Angeles, California
GenresPunk rock, indie rock
Years active2017 (2017)–present
  • Sarah Tudzin
  • Tim Kmet
  • Sapphire Jewell
  • Zach Bilson

Illuminati Hotties are an American indie rock band from Los Angeles. They were founded in 2017 as a vehicle for the songwriting of producer, mixer, and audio engineer Sarah Tudzin.


Sarah Tudzin began her career in music as a recording engineer. In 2018, Tudzin and her band released their debut full-length album, Kiss Yr Frenemies, on Tiny Engines.[1][2][3][4]

In October 2019, Tudzin released a song for download called "ppl plzr," with all proceeds from the track going to the suicide prevention group The Trevor Project.[5]

After it had "leaked" on July 3, 2020,[6] Illuminati Hotties announced a mixtape, Free I.H.: This Is Not The One You’ve Been Waiting For, would be released that month. An interview with Stereogum on 10 July made it clear it was connected to "an exit agreement that allowed Tudzin to buy out her Tiny Engines contract with a cash settlement and a payment of royalties on a future project" and would be released on 17 July.[7]

On December 4, 2020, Illuminati Hotties contributed the song "xmas wish list (what we all asked for)" to the Christmas compilation 'Simply Having a Wonderful Compilation'.[8]

In 2021, Tudzin announced she had partnered with Hopeless Records to create her own imprint label, Snack Shack Tracks. The first release on the imprint was the Illuminati Hotties song "MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA".[9] On June 10, Illuminati Hotties released the single "Pool Hopping" and announced its third studio album, Let Me Do One More, set for release on October 1, 2021.[10]


A woman wearing sunglasses with a guitar motions to the right
Sarah Tudzin performing in 2019


Year Title
2018 Kiss Yr Frenemies
2020 FREE I.H: This Is Not the One You've Been Waiting For
2021 Let Me Do One More


Year Title Album
2017 "(You're Better) Than Ever" Kiss Yr Frenemies
2017 "Cuff (Single Edit)" Kiss Yr Frenemies
2018 "Insufficient Funds" Song credited to A Place to Wash My Hands, a collaboration that included Tudzin[11][12]
2019 "I Wanna Keep Yr Dog" Non-album single
2019 "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" Non-album single
2019 "ppl plzr" Non-album single
2019 "post-everything" Non-album single
2020 "will i get cancelled if i write a song called, 'if you were a man you’d be so cancelled'" [13] FREE I.H: This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For
2021 "MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA"[14] Let Me Do One More
2021 "Pool Hopping"[15] Let Me Do One More

Songwriting and production credits[edit]

The following are songwriting, production, mixing, and engineering credits for Sarah Tudzin.

Title Year Artist(s) Album Credits Written by Produced with
All songs 2016 Porches Pool Engineer[16] Aaron Maine, Peter Maine Aaron Maine
All songs Springtime Carnivore Midnight Room Engineer[17] Tommy English, Greta Morgan Chris Coady
All songs 2017 Logic Everybody Assistant Engineer[18] Khalil Abdul-Rahman, Sam Barsh, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Bobby Campbell, Alessia Caracciolo, Jermaine Cole, Charles Dumazer, Damian Lemar Hudson, Arjun Ivatury, Nima Jahanbin, Paimon Jahanbin, Quincy Jones, Kevin McKenzie, Shawn McKenzie, Paul Mitchell, Dominik Patrzek, Michael Render, Leon Ressalam, Carlton Ridenhour, Khalid Robinson, Daniel Seeff, William Smith, Michi Tanaka, Shuntaro Tanikawa, Thomas Lea, Chris Thornton, Diondria Thornton, Tariq Trotter, Ernest Wilson 6ix, Bobby Campbell, C-Sick, Deats, DJ Khalil, Logic, No I.D., PSTMN, Vontae Thomas, Wallis Lane
All songs Slowdive Slowdive Mixing Assistant[19] Neil Halstead, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin, Rachel Goswell, Simon Scott Neil Halstead
All songs 2018 Mass Gothic I've Tortured You Long Enough Mixing Assistant[20] Noel Heroux, Jessica Zambri Josh Ascalon
"(You're Better) Than Ever" illuminati hotties Kiss Yr Frenemies Producer, Engineer, Composer N/A N/A
"Paying Off The Happiness"
"Kiss Yr Frenemies"
"Shape of My Hands"
"For Cheez (My Friend, Not the Food)"
"The Rules"
"Pressed 2 Death"
All songs Porches The House Engineer[21] Aaron Maine, Peter Maine Aaron Maine
All songs 2019 Weyes Blood Titanic Rising Additional engineer[22] Natalie Mering Jonathan Rado, Natalie Mering
"Titanic" Dolly Valentine Non-album single Producer and Engineer[23] Dolly Valentine N/A
All songs 2020 Cheerleader Almost Forever Assistant Engineer[24] Chris Duran, Joe Haller, Josh Pannepacker Chris Coady
All songs Tim Heidecker Fear of Death Engineer[25] Tim Heidecker, Natalie Mering Drew Erickson, Tim Heidecker, Natalie Mering, Jonathan Rado
"MMMOOOAAAAAYAYA" 2021 illuminati hotties Let Me Do One More Producer, Engineer, Composer N/A N/A
"Pool Hopping"


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