Illumination Theory

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"Illumination Theory"
Illumintaion Theory.jpg
Artwork for "Illumination Theory" 12" picture disc, released exclusively for Record Store Day 2014.
Song by Dream Theater
from the album Dream Theater
Format CD, 12" picture disc
Recorded 2013
Length 22:17
Label Roadrunner Records
Composer(s) Dream Theater[who?]
Lyricist(s) John Petrucci
Producer(s) John Petrucci
Dream Theater track listing
"Along for the Ride"
"Illumination Theory"

"Illumination Theory" is a song by the progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater. The song was released on 23 September 2013, as the closing track of the band's 12th album Dream Theater. It features a string ensemble conducted and arranged by Eren Başbuğ.[1] The song's lyrics, according to the guitarist John Petrucci, are about things for which people will live, die or kill.[2] The song's length is 22:17, making it Dream Theater's fifth longest to date.

The entire song was released as a 12" picture disc exclusively for Record Store Day 2014 and limited to 2,700 copies.


  • I. "Paradoxe de la Lumière Noire" (instrumental)
  • II. "Live, Die, Kill"
  • III. "The Embracing Circle" (instrumental)
  • IV. "The Pursuit of Truth"
  • V. "Surrender, Trust & Passion"

The song properly ends at 19:17, leading to a 30-second silence followed by a hidden track consisting of an electric guitar and piano instrumental, clocking the song out at 22:17.


Dream Theater
String ensemble
  • Violin I - Misha Gutenberg (concert master), Larisa Vollis
  • Violin II - Yelena Khaimova, Yevgeniy Mansurov
  • Viola - Aleksandr Anisimov, Noah Wallace
  • Cello - Anastasia Golenisheva, Valeriya Sholokhova
  • Contrabass - Len Sluetsky
  • Eren Başbuğ: orchestral arrangements, Conducting[3]
  • John Petrucci


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