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Illusion On-Demand
Type Cable Video On Demand network
Availability United States, national (launches October 2007)
Owner Illusion Television

Illusion On-Demand is an American VOD Video On Demand cable TV network focused on science fiction and fantasy programming. Illusion launched nationally in October 2007 with a special Halloween lineup.[1] The regular programming consists of 21 shows and content blocks[2]

Illusion's initial lineup includes anime,[3] live-action programming, news and talk.

Anime on Illusion ranges froms series to features such as Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer, Kakurenbo, Ichi: Zero and BlackJack: Infection.[4]

Illusion is distributed by TVN Entertainment Corporation.[5]


Illusion not only premiered Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere to American audiences but has been applauded for returning classic Doctor Who to television after well over a decade of absence.[6][7] Illusion will also be premiering the original independent sci-fi vidcast web series, Venus Rises, to television.[8][9]

Website and Related Ventures[edit]

Illusion maintained a science fiction portal site which features broadband video, a community and several related blogs. The site is home to "Transmitter" magazine, an online literary anthology which supports emerging genre writers.[10][11]

The developers behind Illusion originally owned a vodcasting cult movie network called "Clash TV".[12] Clash TV was subsequently repackaged as "Zoe's Drive-In" show on Illusion's lineup.

At the present time, the website appears to have expired as the website now displays a DirectInc page which indicates that the domain is no longer controlled by Illusion TV.


To date Illusion has been part of two genre events, co-hosting a New York Comic Con afterparty with website and Marvel Comics[13] and joining forces with comic book writer Stan Lee and the Hero Initiative for a charity event during San Diego Comic Con 2007.[14]

Additionally, Illusion co-sponsored the 33rd annual Boston Science Fiction Marathon [15]

Programming Lineup[edit]

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