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Illusion Studios
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Illusion Studios (styled as ILLUSIONSTUDIOS) is an Argentine entertainment company. It produces content for children and young people and is known for creating Top Cat: The Movie (Don Gato y su Pandilla), Gaturro, and Peter Punk. Since its release of Boogie 3D, Illusion Studios becomes the first ever company in Hispanic America to release a 3D film.

Featured media[edit]


Title Release Date Production Company(s) Gross
Valentina July 10, 2008 Vision Films / telefine $340,782
Boogie el Aceitoso October 22, 2009 Vision Films / MTV Latin America $2,500,000
Gaturro September 10, 2010 Anima Studios / Toonz Entertainment $2,900,000
Don Gato y su Pandilla September 16, 2011 (Mexico)
June 1, 2012 (United Kingdom)
June 22, 2012 (Spain)
August 22, 2012 (Australia)
November 9, 2012 (India)
August 2, 2013 (United States)
Warner Bros. / Anima Studios /
Vertigo Films (UK) / Lightning Entertainment /
Sherlock Films (Spain) / Star Entertainment (India)
Eva de la Argentina 2011 Azpeitia Cine N/A

TV shows[edit]

Title Original Run Production Company(s)
Doodlebops Live 2004–present Cookie Jar Entertainment / Optix
La Maga y el Camino al Dorado 2008–2009 Nickelodeon Latin America
Sueña Conmigo 2010–2011 Nickelodeon Latin America / Televisa
Peter Punk 2010–2012 Disney Channel Latin America


Title Type of Media Date
Dubal Internet series 2008
Allison Erotic comic 2009


The company also made an alliance with the following companies:

Company name Country of Origin Shows/Films
Nickelodeon Latin America United States
Central America
South America
La Maga y el Camino al Dorado
Sueña Conmigo
Disney Channel Latin America United States
Central America
South America
Peter Punk
Anima Studios Mexico Gaturro
Top Cat: The Movie
Vision Films United States Valentina
Toonz Entertainment Singapore
OPTIX Entertainment Canada Doodlebops Live
Dori Media Group Argentina
La Maga y el Camino Dorado
Proceso Mexico Boogie

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