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Industry Design
Founded 2013
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Key people
Katherine Long (Founder & CEO)
Services Graphic design (web, digital, UI/UX, print, infographics, branding)

Illustria is a company that provides design services (web, digital, UI/UX, print, infographics, branding) via a multi-tier subscription-based business model. The model takes influences from other subscription-based services and applies that influence to a creative process based on design thinking in order to provide more in-depth design services.


While the founders were working on a previous start-up, they found it difficult to find professional and accessible design services. Illustria came about as a way to provide these services to others.

Long initially believed that only small businesses would be interested in the company's services, but after calling multiple companies[1] found that even larger businesses experienced the same types of pain that could be solved by Illustria's business model.


Illustria uses a subscription-based model in which companies sign up for monthly packages of design work ranging anywhere from 10 to over 100 hours per month. Illustria then assigns an art director to each project that works with clients to act as project manager and consultant.[2]


Illustria has worked with companies like the WWE, Hubspot, XEROX Parc and more. The company has received reviews that praise their turnaround time as well as the designs that they have provided.