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Illyria is a musical, with book, music, and lyrics by Pete Mills, based on William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. It contains songs such as Patience, The Lady Must be Mad, The Man is Mine, Cakes and Ale, How These Things Start, The Lunatic, Save One, and Undone. It was written in 2002.[1]

The musical originally ran from April 12 through the 28th at the Hudson Guild Theater, New York City. It was produced by Prospect Theater Company and directed by Cara Reichel.


VIOLA: 20’s; bright soprano, Sebastian's twin sister who can pass for a good “straight man” to the comics in the show. She is attractive in a boyish way, passionate, and thoughtful. Songs-"Patience," "How These Things Start," "We Men"

OLIVIA: late 20’s – 30’s; legit soprano, a noblewoman of Illyria. She is incredibly beautiful, elegant, poised, and sexy. She is "in control yet vulnerable." [2] Songs-"Undone"

MARIA: late 20’s–40’s, depending on Toby’s age; strong belt voice, Lady Olivia’s maid and confidante. She is sexy, clever, and confidant. She can and does fit in with the rambunctious and rowdy Sir Toby. She is in trouble with Sir Toby and shares his habit of mischief.[3] Songs-"The Man Is Mine"

SEBASTIAN: 20’s. Tenor, Viola's twin brother. He and Viola must be physically similar, but he has a strong masculine energy. He is innocent and optimistic with a great sense of honor and emotional depth. He greatly loves his sister. Songs-"The Lady Must Be Mad"

ORSINO: late 20’s–30’s. Hi-baritone, the ruler of Illyria. He is in love with Lady Olivia, but he is more in love with the idea of love. He is handsome, charming, passionate, and self-indulgent. He is emotionally reliant on Viola Songs-"How These Things Start," "We Men," "Whoever You Are"

SIR TOBY: 30’s – 40’s. Legit hi baritone. He is Olivia’s uncle and lives with her. He is lazy, prideful, and needs to be physically large and able to move quickly and easily. He is drunk, mischievous, witty, and in love with Maria. Songs-"Cakes and Ale"

FESTE: 30’s–40’s. Tenor, the traditional wise fool. He is Olivia’s servant, and he is tricky and witty. He should be endearing and deep. Songs-"Prologue," "Silly Little Syllogisms"

MALVIOLIO: 40’s–50’s. High Baritone, Olivia's steward. He is self-impressed, self-righteous, and proud. He is overly serious, but he makes himself ridiculous when he thinks Olivia is in love with him. Songs-"The Love Letter," "Malvolio's Tango" [4]


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