Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

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Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks
Promotional film poster
Directed by Don Edmonds
Produced by Don Edmonds
Written by Langston Stafford
Starring Dyanne Thorne
Max Thayer
Jerry Delony
Uschi Digard
Colleen Brennan (as Sharon Kelly)
Tanya Boyd
Marilyn Joi
Cinematography Dean Cundey
Glenn Roland
Edited by Idi Yanamar
Distributed by Cinépix Film Properties (CFP)
Release date
  • March 1976 (1976-03)
Country Canada
United States
Language English

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks is a 1976 sexploitation women in prison film, the first sequel to Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS.[1]


Three crates arrive to the harem. Inside are tied up, gagged, chastity belt-wearing, unconscious, kidnapped, western women. The first woman is the sole heir of a "chain store king of the United States". The second is a large-breasted film actress, whom the western press dubbed "the new Scandinavian love goddess". The third is an Asian-European equestrian champion.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Sharif lies in bed as his personal sex slave, the buxom Asian Katsina, lovingly rubs her breasts against him. Sharif confirms his promise to let her accompany him on his travels, after dealing with the following day's visitor. The visitor is an American oil businessman, who is accompanied by an American army commander.

Ilsa promises luxury to the new women, but they oppose their white slavery. Ilsa tells them they have no choice. Ilsa, who herself has no lover, declines having a western man kidnapped for her next time. Unlike the original film, the current Ilsa states she is repulsed by the notion of a man who would sleep with her just because he must.

Ilsa prepares them by forcing them to perform cunnilingus and erotic massage on one of her lesbian bodyguards. To satisfy demands, Ilsa has an existing sex slave force-fed, and then inspects two - by now consensually - fattened sex slaves. Silicone is used to enhance only the buttocks of another.

A public auction is held to sell existing sex slaves, including one muscled African man. One sheikh has his purchase's teeth extracted. A belly dancer is then caught spying and Ilsa has her tortured for information. Ilsa uses a fiendish torture device to crush the belly dancer's large bare breasts. The victim only knows that the American commander sought inside information.

The Americans arrive. The businessman is offered a woman, but refuses, stating that he is happily married. In return, he finds in his bedroom a young boy sex slave, who claims refusal would mean severe punishment for the boy.

Ilsa immediately has an eye for the commander and dresses up. Crowding together on a couch near her bedroom, her lesbian bodyguard duo perform a make out session, but he is uninterested. She insults his manhood and he reacts by groping her. She sends him away, but he shoves her into bed. She is angered at first but eventually chooses to sleep with him.

Ilsa devises penetration-triggered, exploding diaphragms. She uses a mechanical dildo machine to demonstrate it on the spy, thus finally killing her. Sharif has one put in Katsina while she is unconscious, and then prepares her to visit a rival sheikh. Sharif is then about to sleep with the American heiress, but a vengeful local subject accidentally snipes her to death. The American commander sees the sniper burned to death without a trial, earning his disapproval.

Finally deciding to expose the commander, Sharif finds him in bed with Ilsa. Sharif has her tied up, standing topless, while a leper first gropes her large breasts, then performs cunnilingus on her; soon he mounts her and reaches a full climax while all the others watch in horror. Once she "learns her lesson," Ilsa initiates a rebellion. She quickly heads for the commander's prison cell, kills both his guard and the tarantula that has almost entered his face-cage, and frees him. Ilsa reveals that Sharif's young nephew, Prince Salim, is locked up to prevent him inheriting the sheikhdom. Ilsa's bodyguard duo free the two remaining new sex slaves and give them guns to assist in Ilsa's rebellion. Sharif's guards kill said bodyguards, but Ilsa gets Sharif under gun point. The commander then frees Prince Salim.

Sharif is chained and gagged, and Ilsa tells his loving Katsina that Sharif's final wish before his execution is sleeping with her. Removing Katsina's chastity belt, Ilsa mentions this will also win Katsina her freedom. Knowing about her diaphragm-bomb, Sharif twists beneath his gag, but Katsina mounts and rapes him. Sharif tries to withhold himself, but behind a window Ilsa encourages Katsina to push herself harder and harder on top of him, until the bomb is activated. The commander arrives too late to prevent their deaths. Ilsa argues it was a fitting punishment, but he reminds her Katsina was innocent, and dumps Ilsa in resentment.

Nevertheless, he reminds the prince that Ilsa did save his life, when she pledges her allegiance to him. Unimpressed, the prince sentences Ilsa to slow starvation. He frees the commander, who tells a cursing Ilsa that it is not his fault.



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