Ilyas ibn Asad

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Ilyas ibn Asad
Amir of the Samanids
Reign Samanid (in Herat): 819–856
Predecessor None
Successor Ibrahim
Died 856
Issue Ibrahim ibn Ilyas
Father Asad ibn Saman

Ilyas ibn Asad (died 856) was a Samanid ruler of Herat (819–856). He was one of the four sons of Asad.

In 819 Ilyas was granted authority over the city of Herat by Caliph Al-Ma'mun's governor of Khorasan, Ghassan ibn 'Abbad, as a reward for his support against the rebel Rafi' ibn Laith. Unlike his other three brothers, Ilyas was not given a city in Transoxiana. When he died in 856, control of Herat was given to his son Ibrahim.


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