Ilyushin Il-106/PAK VTA

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Ilyushin Il-106/PAK VTA
Role Transport aircraft
National origin Russia
Manufacturer Ilyushin
First flight 2024–2026[1]
Status Under development
Primary user Russian Air Force
Developed from Ilyushin Il-106

PAK VTA (Russian: ПАК ВТА, short for: Перспективный авиационный комплекс Военно-транспортной авиации, translit. Perspektivnyy aviatsionnyy kompleks Voyenno-transportnoy aviatsii, lit. ''Prospective Aviation Complex of Military Transport Aviation'') is the name of a Russian military program to propose a next-generation heavy Russian military transport aircraft, currently under development by Ilyushin. Ilyushin Il-106 will be its designation, not to be confused with the cancelled Ilyushin Il-106 of the nineties, although the later one is heavily based on the former aircraft.[2][3][4]


Russia planned at first to build another variant, the PAK TA, a blended wing body project[5] for a super-heavy transport plane with the goal of being able to fly at supersonic speed while carrying up to 200 tons of cargo, and partially using renewable electric energy.[5] 80 PAK TA aircraft were supposed to be built by 2024.[6]

In 2016 it was announced that the Il-106 designation would be re-used for the PAK TA project.[3]

In December 2018, it was reported that the Russian military will instead focus on the PAK VTA, which will actually be a deeply updated version of the cancelled Ilyushin Il-106 transport aircraft of the 1990s.[1] According to a interview with Nikolai Talikov, Chief Designer at Ilyushin Aviation Complex, this aircraft, dubbed the Il-106, is currently deep in development and will be updated with new avionics, engines, and other critical systems.[7] The plane should be able to lift between 80 and 120 tons of payload, and the first flight is scheduled for 2024-2026.[1]

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