Ilyushin Il-108

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Role Business jet
Designer Ilyushin Design Bureau
Introduction 1990
Status Abandoned project
Number built 1

The Ilyushin Il-108 is a twin-jet business-aircraft project, drafted in 1990 by the Russian manufacturer Ilyushin. A first model was presented in the same year, but apparently no Il-108 ever took to the air. It is similar in appearance to the Canadair Challenger 300.[1]


The draft listed two models, a nine-seater executive aircraft and a 15-passenger commercial aircraft, both low-winged and possessing a T-tail. The Il-108 is powered by two Lotarev DV-2 turbofans attached to the top of the rear fuselage on either side of the tail, each providing a thrust of 21.6 kN. [2]


A second version was planned to be equipped with Lotarev DV-22 turbofan derivatives having a bypass ratio of 5 and a 35 kN thrust.


General characteristics


  • Cruise speed: 800km/h
  • Range: 5390 km (9-seater), 4850 km (15-seater) (3349 mi (9-seater), 3013.6 mi (15-seater))


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