Im Dienst des Diktators

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Im Dienst des Diktators: Leben und Flucht eines nordkoreanischen Agenten
Im Dienst des Diktators.jpg
AuthorIngrid Steiner-Gashi,
Dardan Gashi
Publication date
March 2010
Media typePrint

Im Dienst des Diktators: Leben und Flucht eines nordkoreanischen Agenten (en: In the Dictator's Service: the Life and Flight of a North Korean Agent) is a biography of North Korean defector Kim Jong Ryul that reveals information on the luxurious lifestyle of North Korea's Eternal President Kim Il-sung and his son Kim Jong-il. Austrian journalists Ingrid Steiner-Gashi and Dardan Gashi authored the book, and Ueberreuter published it in March 2010.

In 2010, Kim Jong Ryul came out to share his experiences as a "shopper" for the North Korean elite after sixteen years of hiding in Austria.[1] Although criticizing Kim Jong-il might endanger his life and his family, Kim Jong Ryul told the Associated Press, "Without this book, I didn't want to die. Now I can die with a clear conscience."[2]


Kim Jong Ryul spent around 20 years[3] fulfilling the wishlists of North Korea's nomenklatura by purchasing and smuggling expensive goods into North Korea. Such items included silk wallpaper, gold-plated handguns, and luxury vehicles.[2] He spent much time operating out of Vienna, Austria.[3] Kim Jong Ryul served as a translator for a group of North Korean chefs instructed to "learn everything" about Austrian cuisine.[2] Kim Jong Ryul and a group of engineers were also assigned to duplicate a Mercedes-Benz.[2]


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