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ImaHima in Japanese means "are you free now?" and is the name of a mobile location-based social-networking service created in 1999[1] by the Japanese company of the same name founded by Neeraj Jhanji. ImaHima pioneered[2] the concept of sharing current status (location, activity, mood) among friends using mobile phones. Initially ImaHima started out as an "unofficial"[3] service but was later accepted inside the walled garden of the Japanese mobile carriers (NTT DoCoMo,[4] KDDI, Softbank). At its peak, ImaHima had over 500,000 users in Japan and was also made available in Switzerland and Australia. The service won a few awards including the coveted Prix Ars Electronica in 2001.[5] The fundamental patents for mobile checkin, status updates and location-based advertising pioneered by ImaHima were acquired by Facebook in 2013.[6]

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