Imad Moustapha

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Imad Moustapha
عماد مصطفى
Imad Moustapha (left) and U.S. President George W. Bush
Dr. Imad Moustapha (left) and U.S. President George W. Bush
9th Ambassador of Syria to the United States
In office
2004 – December 2011[1]
Preceded byRustum Al-Zubi
Personal details
BornDamascus, Syria
ChildrenSidra (4), Saree (2)
ResidenceWashington, DC
ProfessionCivil Servant

Imad Moustapha is the Syrian Ambassador to China and his country's former Ambassador to the United States.

Previous Employment[edit]

Imad Moustapha was Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology (IT) at the University of Damascus, and Secretary General of the Arab School on Science and Technology. He is a co-founder of the Network of Syrian Scientists, Technologists and Innovators Abroad (NOSSTIA). This organization was involved in establishing Meedan, "a non-profit social technology company which aims to increase cross-language interaction on the web, with particular emphasis on translation and aggregation services in Arabic and English."[2]


Imad Moustapha regularly writes in the print media and appears on television, representing the Syrian government position. He has also occasionally appeared at public lectures, think-tanks, and world-affairs councils.[3]


His wide range of interests include: globalization, cultural identities, social and economic impacts of the Internet, and Western classical music. He maintained (last updated in 2013) an online blog, available at, as well as a personal website: which is no longer online.

Allegations of espionage[edit]

On June 25, 2011, the Washington Bureau chief of a major Kuwait newspaper (Al Rai), reported in NOW Lebanon that Ambassador Mustapha is engaged in various espionage activities, as well as threats to Syrians living in the US.[4]

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(Other information in this article as of 26 August 2006 is from Imad Moustapha's personal blog - - Accessed 19 June 2006. And from Forward Magazine where he is a regular contributing writer.)

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