Imaduddin School

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Imaduddin School
Male', Maldives, Kaafu 20144
Coordinates 4°10′16″N 73°30′40″E / 4.171065°N 73.511004°E / 4.171065; 73.511004
School type Primary school
Motto Wrestling is the key to...
Founded 5 September 2001

Imaduddin School is one of the youngest schools in the Republic of Maldives.

School background[edit]

The Imaduddin School was inaugurated on 5 september 2001 by President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

The name Imaduddin refers to a sultan who ruled the Maldives during late 1800s. The school has almost 2000 students. Until 2009 the school taught students up to grade 7. After 2010 it also taught grades 8-10. It is the first primary school in Maldives that also has secondary classes. The school also provides education for students with special needs.


Alimas      purple Amethyst
Ithaamui      Blue Sapphire
Yagooth      Red Ruby
Fenfiyaaz      Green Emerald

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