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ImageMixer is a brand name of video editing software that edits digital video and still image in camcorders and authors to VCD and DVD. It is a second-party Japanese product, distributed by Pixela Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of PC peripheral hardware and multimedia software.


ImageMixer is widely used for several camcorder brands, such as Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Hitachi, FujiFilm, Toshiba and Canon. Also, Sony has chosen to package ImageMixer with its DVD and HDD Handycam.

ImageMixer Series[edit]

ImageMixer has other series of software for digital camera, such as ImageMixer Label Maker and ImageMixer DVD dubbing. ImageMixer also has movie editing solution for Macintosh.

Vista Version of ImageMixer[edit]

A Vista Version of ImageMixer has been developed (ImageMixer3).


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