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Image Diffusion International (IDI) is a Quebec production company founded by Anne-Marie Losique and Marc Trudeau in 1995. Based in Montreal, it specializes in producing entertainment and lifestyle television magazines. Its shows are sometimes Quebec-based in French and sometimes edited in two versions, French and English. Some of their programmes are shot in the studios of MusiquePlus, a music television station on which many IDI shows are aired. IDI's productions are broadcast on multiple networks across Quebec and Canada. Its show Sex-shop was sold to French television station XXL. Subject matter of their programs include cinema, travel (including gay tourism) and nightlife. A number of their television shows also feature the sex industry.


In French and English[edit]

  • Box-office
  • Écrans du monde (Screens)
  • Gros plan sur… (Spotlight On…)
  • Il a dit, Elle a dit (He Said, She Said)
  • Colour Travel Series
    • Blue: "the world’s most beautiful beaches"
    • Grey: "the trendiest and most avant-garde cities"
    • Green: "uncovering the natural beauties of our planet"
    • Pink: "the hottest gay vacations"
    • White: "the world’s most beautiful mountains"
    • Yellow: "exploring the world’s deserts"
    • Red: "the nightlife - why some cities never sleep"
  • Culture du X (XXX Culture)
  • Hot-parade


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