Image of the Beast (novel)

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Image of the Beast
Image of the Beast.jpg
First edition
Author Philip José Farmer
Cover artist Peter Max
Country  United States
Language English
Genre Horror, erotica
Publisher Essex House
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 255 pp
ISBN 1-902197-24-0
OCLC 2321260
Followed by Blown

Image of the Beast (1968) is a horror novel by Philip José Farmer.


The story follows Herald Childe, a private detective, who is sent a snuff film of his partner being murdered by what appears to be a vampire. His investigation into the identity of the killers leads him into a world of apparent monsters who have a predilection for brutal and supernatural sex. The monsters including vampires, werewolves, snake-women, other undefined shape-changers and his ex-wife.

The first printing or first edition of Image of the Beast was written for sf-porn publisher Essex House. It was paperback selling at $1.95.[1]

The sequel to this novel is Blown.[2]

Image of the Beast was adapted by artist Tim Boxell (under the pseudonym "Grisly") as a comic book published by Last Gasp in 1973, with a second printing in 1979.[3]