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Imageepoch Inc.
Industry Video game industry
Founded June 9, 2005
Defunct May 13, 2015
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Ryoei Mikage, Founder/Owner
Kazuya Niinou, Senior Director
Hiroyuki Kanemaru, Director
Products Luminous Arc (series)
Fate/Extra (series)
7th Dragon (series)
Number of employees
Over 120 (as of Jan. 2009)[1]

Imageepoch Inc. (イメージエポック Imējiepokku?) was a Japanese video game developer based out of Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded in June 2005 by Ryoei Mikage. Imageepoch's first release was the turn-based strategy RPG on Nintendo DS, Luminous Arc. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2015, due to its declining sales and debt.[2]


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PlayStation Vita[edit]


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