Imaginary Diseases

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Imaginary Diseases
Frank Zappa - Imaginary Diseases.JPG
Live album by Frank Zappa
Released January 13, 2006 (limited release)
January 30, 2007 (wide release)
Recorded October 27, 1972–December 15, 1972
Genre Jazz, Fusion, Progressive rock
Length 63:14
Label Zappa
Producer Frank Zappa
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Joe's Xmasage
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Imaginary Diseases
#76 (2006)
The MOFO Project/Object
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

Imaginary Diseases is an album of material by Frank Zappa from the Petit Wazoo tour of 1972. It is one of two finished CD projects from the tour containing material mastered by Zappa before his death. The name of the album is derived from a lyric in the Apostrophe (') (1974) song "Stink-Foot".

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written, composed and arranged by Frank Zappa.

No. Title Recording venue and date Length
1. "Oddients" Montreal, Canada, 1972-10-27 1:13
2. "Rollo" Philadelphia, PA, 1972-11-10, Show 1 3:21
3. "Been to Kansas City in A Minor" Kansas City, MO, 1972-12-02 10:15
4. "Farther O'Blivion" unknown 16:02
5. "D.C. Boogie" Washington, D.C., 1972-11-11, Show 1 13:27
6. "Imaginary Diseases" Waterbury, CT, 1972-11-01 9:45
7. "Montreal" Montreal, Canada, 1972-10-27 9:11


Composed/Produced/Performed/Edited/Mixed/Tweaked by Frank Zappa

Vaultmeistered by Joe Travers. Mastered by Doug Sax & Robert Hadley

Liner notes by Steve Vai.


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