Imaginary Playmate

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Imaginary Playmate
Imaginary Playmate FilmPoster.jpeg
Written byWilliam Fruet
Directed byChristine Gallagher
StarringDina Meyer
Rick Ravanello
Cassandra Sawtell
Pablo Coffey
Theme music composerMark Mothersbaugh
Original language(s)English
Running time86 minutes
Original release
  • December 2, 2006 (2006-12-02)

Imaginary Playmate is a thriller film which debuted on HBO in 2006. The film stars Dina Meyer, Rick Ravanello, Cassandra Sawtell, and Pablo Coffey.


Suzanne (Dina Meyer) and her 7-year-old stepdaughter Molly Driscoll (Cassandra Sawtell) move into a new house, where Molly acquires an imaginary friend named Candace Brewer (Nicole Muñoz). Later, it is revealed that a girl by that name lived in the house about a century earlier. Her mother died during childbirth of her baby sister, Dora. Candace took her baby sister and left her on a church steps so she didn't have to suffer the abuse from her father like she did. When she returned home, her father knew she took the baby and hanged Candace on the apple tree in the backyard. Everyone believed 10-year-old Candace had hanged herself so she was buried in unhallowed ground, since suicide was considered a sin. The plot centers around whether Candace is indeed imaginary or is a malevolent ghost. Despite Suzanne's effort to evict the ghost out of her new husband's house, Candace still threatens Suzanne's new family. All the while, Suzanne's husband remains sceptical.


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