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Industry Innovation as a Service and Innovation Management Software
Founded 1994
Headquarters Boston, MA, United States and London, UK
Key people
Ralph Welborn, CEO, Matt Cooper, CEO,
Shawn Taylor - Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer
Luis Solis - President
Products Innovation Central
Innovation Central Mobile
Innovation Strategy Solutions
Results Engine
Discovery Central

Imaginatik plc is a full service innovation company,[clarification needed] providing Consulting and a software as a service (SaaS) platform for managing large-scale innovations at enterprise organisations. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in the US and London, and has more than 35 Global 1,000 clients.


The concept for Imaginatik was developed through the doctoral research of Dr. Yvonne Lindow and Mark Turrell,[1] who studied how collaborative technologies can support organizational creativity, productivity and top-line growth. Software that grew out of this research became known as Idea Management. The company was created in 1994, and went public in 2006. It is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Company Information[edit]

Imaginatik is a full service innovation provider based in Boston, Massachusetts and London, UK. The company provides strategy consulting, operational execution and an award winning technology platform for enterprise-scale innovation.[2] It uses collective intelligence to create crowdsourcing programs and idea management platforms within large companies, and for external communities using Open Innovation methodologies.


The company provides the following products:

  • Innovation Central: A web-based application for Collaborative Innovation and Innovation Management. It is an enterprise crowdsourcing platform.[3]
  • Results Engine: A simple Project portfolio management tool allowing users to explore vet, test, and eventually launch innovations.
  • Discovery Suite: A SaaS tool allowing users to focus teams' organizational knowledge on potential opportunities.
  • Innovation Central Mobile: A module for the mobile workforce, giving access to Imaginatik's innovation software platform.


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