Imagine – The Remixes

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Imagine: The Remixes
Imagine-the remixes album.jpg
Remix album by Armin van Buuren
Released February 14, 2009
Length 134:59
Label Armada Music
Armin van Buuren chronology
Imagine - The Remixes
Mirage – The Remixes

Imagine – The Remixes, a remix compilation album was released, following on the success from Armin Van Buuren's third studio album Imagine. It contained 17 DJ remixes over a two disc set, some featured on the album's singles and some that are exclusive to this compilation. This remix edition of Imagine has been released across the globe, including Europe, North America, Argentina, Australia and Asia.

Tracks from Imagine have been remixed by DJs and producers including Richard Durand, Sean Tyas, Cosmic Gate, John O'Callaghan, Stoneface & Terminal, Martin Roth and Alex M.O.R.P.H. Stylistically it covered many genres of trance from uplifting to tech and progressive.[citation needed] To coincide with the promotion of this compilation, two 12" vinyl samplers were released in the same month.

Track lists[edit]

CD compilation[edit]

Disc One
No. Title Lyrics Remix Length
1. "Face to Face"     Martin Roth Summerstyle Remix 7:18
2. "Unforgivable"   Jaren First State Smooth Mix 7:24
3. "In and Out of Love"   Sharon den Adel The Blizzard 7:56
4. "Never Say Never"   Jacqueline Govaert Myon & Shane 54 7:54
5. "Rain"   Cathy Burton W&W 7:06
6. "Fine Without You"   Jennifer Rene Sied van Riel 7:38
7. "What If"   Vera Ostrova Ohmna 8:07
8. "Hold on to Me"   Audrey Gallagher John O'Callaghan 7:35
9. "Imagine"     Paul Miller 8:18
10. "Going Wrong (with DJ Shah)"   Chris Jones Alex M.O.R.P.H. vs. Woody van Eyden 7:38
Total length:
Disc Two
No. Title Lyrics Remix Length
1. "Never Say Never"   Jacqueline Govaert Omnia 7:35
2. "What If"   Vera Ostrova Arnej 7:57
3. "Intricacy"     Thomas Bronzwaer 8:21
4. "Rain"   Cathy Burton Cosmic Gate 8:25
5. "Unforgivable"   Jaren Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix 9:07
6. "Going Wrong (with DJ Shah)"   Chris Jones Sean Tyas 8:37
7. "In and Out of Love"   Sharon den Adel Richard Durand 7:41
Total length:

12" vinyl samplers[edit]

Sampler 1
  • A1. "Rain" (Cosmic Gate remix)
  • B1. "Face To Face" (Martin Roth remix)
  • B2. "Imagine" (Paul Miller remix)
Sampler 2
  • A1. "Hold On To Me" (John O'Callaghan remix)
  • B1. "What If" (Arnej remix)
  • B2. "Intricacy" (Thomas Bronzwaer remix)

Special editions[edit]

North American Release
[1] This version of the compilation released in North America, including Mexico, was released with the original Imagine album as a third disc.
Digital Edition
[2] The MP3 version of this compilation consists of an extra remix:
  • "Going Wrong (Armin van Buuren's Universal Religion Remix)" - 7:04


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