Imaging Advantage

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Imaging Advantage
Industry Healthcare services
Founded 2006
Headquarters Santa Monica, California
Key people
Naseer Hashim, CEO
Brian Hall, COO[1]

Imaging Advantage is an evidence-based radiology service company based in Santa Monica, California.[2][3][4] The company provides comprehensive radiology solutions to health centers and radiology groups.[5] Naseer Hashim is the company's CEO.


Imaging Advantage was founded in 2006.[6] The company started its Tele 3D Advantage division in November 2008. In June 2008, the company signed a contract with Mercy Health Partners in Toledo, Ohio.[7] The hospital ended this partnership early due to medical staff input. Dr. Arthur Radow is a radiologist and a previous president of the Arizona Radiological Society, he joined Imagining Advantage in 2011.[4] In September 2011, Imaging Advantage opened its 2nd state-of-the-art telemedicine center in Phoenix, Arizona.[8]

Imaging Advantage partnered with Vanguard Health Systems and received a $6 million meaningful use grant from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) Health Care Innovation Awards in June 2012.[6] The project worked to reduce duplicate and clinically unnecessary advanced imaging exams, improving care and reducing radiation exposure and costs for patients, Medicare and other insurance providers.[9][10]

In November 2014, Imaging Advantage acquired BRIT Systems, a PACS/RIS and teleradiology solutions provider based in Dallas, Texas.[2][11][12] The acquisition gave Imaging Advantage access to BRIT Systems' PACS, workstations and its development team.[2] The company built a reading center in Detroit, Michigan in March 2013 based on the "Starship Enterprise" from Star Trek.[6] The Detroit reading center was built in partnership with the Detroit Medical Center and Vanguard Health Systems.[6]

Imaging Advantage is backed by Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Brightwood Capital and CRG LP.[6]


Imaging Advantage is based in Santa Monica, California, with operations centers in Phoenix and Detroit.[3][11] The company's employee radiologists work in hospital radiology departments and outsourced services such as advanced visualization, overnight on-call teleradiology and subspecialty interpretations.[13] By March 2014, Imaging Advantage used cloud-based technology and a network of more than 300 radiologists to connect emergency room radiology department operations in 17 states.[14] In October 2014, the company had about 200 clients including hospitals and health systems.[4] The company's average turnaround time is 23 minutes.[15]


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