Imago Dei College

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Imago Dei College
Imago dei.jpg
Motto Qui Legit Intellegat
Motto in English
Let the Reader Understand
Type Private
Established 2010
Founder Dr. Aaron Hebbard
Affiliation Evangelical
President Board of Regents
Dean Dr. Aaron Hebbard (Faculty)
Location Oak Glen, San Bernardino County, California, CA, USA

Imago Dei College is an Evangelical Classical Christian Liberal Arts College in the ‘Great Books’ tradition. It is located in the community of Oak Glen, California in the San Bernardino mountains. The college curriculum, pedagogy and style are reminiscent of the classical educational paradigm. The curriculum is comprehensive both in content (theology, philosophy, mathematics, science, history, literature, language arts, and physical education) and chronologically (from the earliest literary history to contemporary times). Imago Dei College offers one interdisciplinary degree to all their students in Classical Liberal Arts with possible double majors in Theology, Philosophy, History, and Literature.

As a ‘Great Books’ college, they believe that a true liberal arts education is best achieved by a careful reading and critiquing of the classical great works of Western culture dealing with perennial ideas in an integrated manner conducted in a small community of scholasticism. They identify and define Great Books as an open canon of literary works that have had a great impact upon the intellectual and popular culture of Western civilization.

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