2007 Imam Abbas mosque bombing

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Al Abbas mosque bombing
Location of Karbala
Location Karbala, Iraq
Date April 28, 2007
Target Shia pilgrims
Attack type
Suicide car bomb
Deaths 68
Non-fatal injuries

The 2007 Al Abbas mosque bombing occurred on April 28, 2007 when a suicide car bomb exploded in front of the al-‘Abbās Mosque in Karbala, Iraq.

At least 58 people and injured about 170 in the Iraqi city of Karbala.[1] The bomb exploded near the golden-domed mosque.[2] Karbala is considered the second most important shrine city for the Shia. Security officials said the car bomb was parked near a cement barrier intended to keep traffic away from the Imam Abbas and Imam Husayn shrines, which draw thousands of Shiite pilgrims from Iran and other countries.[3][4]

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