Imamzadeh Davood

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Imamzadeh Davood
Emamzadeh Davod, Tehran Province, Iran - panoramio (9).jpg
AffiliationShia Islam
ProvinceTehran Province
LocationIran Tehran, Iran
Imamzadeh Davood is located in Iran
Imamzadeh Davood
Shown within Iran
Geographic coordinates35°52′37″N 51°20′16″E / 35.877011°N 51.337878°E / 35.877011; 51.337878Coordinates: 35°52′37″N 51°20′16″E / 35.877011°N 51.337878°E / 35.877011; 51.337878
TypeImamzadeh, Mosques
CompletedSafavid dynasty

The Imamzadeh Davood is a Imamzadeh related to the Safavid dynasty and is located in Tehran.[1][2][3]



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