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Iman Woods is an American artist who specializes in pin-up photography.

Based in Erie, Colorado, Iman Woods uses the self-developed technique "new media illustrative photography" to create her portraits. It consists of a combination of traditional and digital art media to replicate the look which characterized the works of such pin-up artists as Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren. Each pin-up portrait takes between forty and sixty hours to finish. The final product can be painted on a canvas, printed on photo paper and accessories, or presented in a DVD slideshow.

Born in Boulder, Colorado, Iman Woods spent her early years in multiple locations, including Texas, Kentucky, Germany and France. A visit to the Louvre in Paris influenced her respect and commitment to her art. Her creative life began with simple drawings, advancing to oil painting and finally, blending the arts of both photography and painting.

Around 2003, a visit to her parents in Germany and an impromptu photo shoot had Iman questioning the difference between what she saw of herself in a mirror versus the self-portraits she shot while there. Returning to the states, she began exploring photography, lighting and the differences in perception versus reality in how all of us see and feel about ourselves.

She recalls, “I learned how to alter my pose and light to make the photographs better match what I saw in the mirror. I realized that cameras LIE. And it became my life's mission to show other women how beautiful they are at this very moment at any size. Pin-up art is the perfect medium for this empowerment.”

Iman’s philanthropic efforts include assisting non-profits for victim advocacy, cancer research and helping women reach their true potential.

Woods has been featured in media outlets throughout Greater Denver and appeared on KWGN-TV and KUSA-TV as well as PBS' The Arts Connection, which highlighted her efforts to turn local women into pin-up girls [1]. Previously based in Florida, she was also mentioned in a 2007 issue of Orlando Arts Magazine and her art has been displayed in Orlando's Gallery at Avalon Island, Orlando Museum of Art, the Jetsetter Lounge and the Bank of America tower in Downtown Orlando.

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