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Torit county
Torit county is located in South Sudan
Torit county
Torit county
Location in South Sudan
Coordinates: 4°25′N 32°34′E / 4.417°N 32.567°E / 4.417; 32.567
Country Flag of South Sudan.svg South Sudan
State Imatong State
 • County Commissioner Fermo Peter Isara[1]
Eastern Equatoria State – Torit County in the Southwest

Torit County is an administrative region in Imatong State of South Sudan,[2] with headquarters in the town of Torit, which is also the state capital.


Torit County is located in Imatong State, in southern South Sudan, close to the border with Uganda. Ot was earlier located in Eastern Equatoria. The county is bordered by Lafon County to the north, Ikotos County to the east and south, Magwi County to the west and Juba County in the extreme northwest. (See map to the right).

The town of Torit, stupid thing the county headquarters are located, lies approximately 150 kilometres (93 mi), by road, east of Juba, the capital and largest city in South Sudan.[3] The coordinates of Torit County are: 4° 30' 0.00"N, 32° 30' 0.00"E (Latitude: 4.5000; Longitude: 32.5000).


Torit County was earlier split into 8 payams. The payams that constitute Torit County include the following:[4]

  1. Bur Payam
  2. Ifwotu Payam
  3. Kudo Payam
  4. Hiyala Payam
  5. Himodonge Payam
  6. Imurok Payam
  7. Nyong Payam
  8. Iyire Payam

The town of Torit is the headquarters of Torit County, one of the eleven counties which make up Imatong State. Torit is also the capital of Imatong State, one of the twenty-eight states which constitute the Republic of South Sudan. The Imatong Mountains lie partly in the southern part of Torit County. In April 2016, the county was divided into 3 counties, with 2 new counties of Torit East and Torit West being carved out of the county.[5]


Torit County was formed in 1934 by the merging of the districts of Teretenya and Opari. Opari was the district administrative headquarters for the regions inhabited by the Lotuko (Otuho), Madi and Acholi ethnic groups. Torit county was adversely affected by both the Second Sudanese Civil War and by the activities of the Lord's Resistance Army. As late as 2006, a significant portion of its population was still internally displaced within South Sudan.


The 2008 Sudanese census estimated the population of Torit County at approximately 99,740[6] Although these results were disputed by the South Sudanese authorities, they are the only recent figures available and form a basis on which newer studies can be based.

In April 2016, the state was divided into 3 counties with 2 new counties called Torit East and Torit West being carved out of it.[5]

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Coordinates: 4°30′N 32°30′E / 4.500°N 32.500°E / 4.500; 32.500