Nedum Cheralathan

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Nedum Cheralathan
2nd Chera Ruler
Reign 58 years
Predecessor Uthiyan Cheralathan
Successor Vel Kelu Kuttuvan
Spouse Nalchonai
Issue Vel Kelu Kuttuvan
Ilango Adigal
House Chera
Father Uthiyan Cheralathan
List of Chera kings
Early Cheras
Uthiyan Cheralathan  ·   Nedum Cheralathan  ·   Selva Kadumko Valiathan   ·   Senguttuvan Chera  · Illam Cheral Irumporai  ·   Mantaran Cheral
Interregnum (c.300–800)
Later Cheras
Kulashekhara Varma 800-820
Rajashekhara Varma 820-844
Sthanu Ravi Varma 844-885
Rama Varma Kulashekhara 885-917
Goda Ravi Varma 917-944
Indu Kotha Varma 944-962
Bhaskara Ravi Varma I 962-1019
Bhaskara Ravi Varma II 1019-1021
Vira Kerala 1021-1028
Rajasimha 1028-1043
Bhaskara Ravi Varma III 1043–1082
Ravi Rama Varma 1082-1090
Rama Varma Kulashekhara 1090-1102
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Nedum Cheralathan (Nedunjeral Athan) was a Chera king of the Sangam period in ancient South India, contemporary to the Chola ruler Perunarkilli. He is considered as the second known Chera King as per the literary works during Sangam period, and particularly in the Second Ten of Pathirruppaththu. Nedum Cheralatan succeeded his father, Uthiyan Cheralathan and ruled the kingdom for 58 years as a Crown Prince first and as an absolute king later.


Nedunjeral Athan was born to Udiyanjeral.[1] He was a powerful ruler with several victories over neighboring kings during his tenure to his credit. Nedum Cheralathan consolidated the Chera kingdom, extended its frontiers, and literature and art developed highly during his period. He inflicted a crushing defeat on his enemies, the Kadambas of Banavasi.[citation needed]

Kannanar was Nedum Cheralathan's court poet.[citation needed] Among those victories, he's believed to have won over seven crowned kings and thus obtained the status of Adhiraja. He defeated an enemy on the Malabar Coast and captured several Yavana traders, later releasing them for ransom.[1]

Kuttuvan, the first son of Nedunjeral Athan, is supposed to have conquered Kongu and extended the power of the Cheras up to the eastern and western oceans. One of the Adan's sons achieved military success against Anji, a chieftain of Tagadur, and lead an expedition against a ruler named Nannan, who held sway in the area to the north of Malabar.[2]


Nedunjeral Adan fought a war against a Chola king, an encounter in which both the principal adversaries lost their lives.[1][3][full citation needed]


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