Imeraguen language

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Native toMauritania
RegionBanc d'Arguin National Park
Native speakers
Unclassified (Hassaniya Arabic variety with an Azer (Soninke) base per Ethnologue or Berber base per Fortier, Corinne 2004)
Language codes
ISO 639-3ime (retired)

Imeraguen (or Imraguen) is a spurious unclassified language spoken by the Imraguen people who inhabit coastal Mauritania.[2] Ethnologue reports that the language is possibly a variety of Hassaniya Arabic structured on an Azer (Soninke) base. Fortier, Corinne 2004 instead reported that the language was Hassaniya Arabic with some special vocabulary related to fishing, which were seen to derive from Berber and not Azer. They cited the specific vocabulary and stated that there was no historical evidence that Imraguen had an origin in Azer.[3]

Most of the Imraguen speakers inhabit fishing villages in the Banc d'Arguin National Park.


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