Imke Glas

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Imke Glas
Full name Imke Glas
Country represented Netherlands
Born (1994-08-30) August 30, 1994 (age 22)
Broek op Langedijk, Netherlands
Hometown Broek op Langedijk, Netherlands
Discipline Women's artistic gymnastics
Level Junior International Elite
Gym BATO Haarlem
Head coach(es) Katarina Sarisska

Imke Glas (born August 30, 1994) is a Dutch artistic gymnast.

Personal life[edit]

Glas was born on August 30, 1994, in Broek op Langedijk, Netherlands. She lives with both of her parents and two siblings.

Junior career[edit]

Glas began gymnastics at the age of three when her parents decided to take her to the local gym, BSV / ODIS. Glas was one of the most promising junior elite gymnast for the Dutch Junior National Team and was well on her way to competing at the 2008 European Junior Gymnastic Championships.[1] However, that promising future was all threatened at the young age of thirteen.[2]

The Accident[edit]

On October 26, 2007 Glas was severely injured in an accident on vault.[3] While in training, Glas was performing a round-off half-on, or a variation of the Yurchenko type vault,[4] when her hands missed the vault table and she fell on her head. She severely damaged her sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae, therefore warranting extensive surgery. She had to endure six hours of surgery where neurosurgeons took a piece of her hip bone and placed it in her neck for stabilization. After surgery Glas and her family were told that she would never walk again, but Glas made a full recovery.[5][6]

Competitive History[edit]

Date                       Event                                        Results    Points
December 15, 2002      1st league match at GV Turn Lust in Huizen   2nd place  34,350
February 2, 2003       2nd league match in Schagen                  2nd place  36,280
March 23, 2003         3rd league match                             2nd place  35,450
April 6, 2003          Final League Match Region NH                 1st place  37,575
February 14, 2004      NH Region Championships                      1st place  35,875
February 26, 2005      NH Region Championships                      1st place  36,400
11/12 January 2003     1st to race in 't Bon Opmeer                 2nd place  35,375
January 25, 2003       2nd to race in Beverwijk                     5th place  34,525
April 12, 2003         Houses in quarter finals                     2nd place  36,008
April 26, 2003         Semifinals in Boxtel                         1st place  37,833
May 24, 2003           Final in Utrecht                             2nd place  37,225
February 9, 2003       Tournament in Heerenveen                     1st place  35,758
February 8, 2004       Tournament in Heerenveen                     3rd place  35,350
September 7, 2003      Beekbergen                                   1st place  166 pnt
October 4, 2004        Beekbergen                                   1st place  179 pnt
March 21, 2004         1st race placement in Aalsmeer               2nd place  35,700
April 4, 2004          2nd race in placement Goes                   1st place  36,275
April 17, 2004         3rd placing match in Hellevoetsluis          8th place  34,525
June 6, 2004           Semifinals in Valkenswaard                   3rd place  36,025
June 20, 2004          Final in Nijmegen                            7th place  37,250
March 13, 2005         1st race placement in Budel                  1st place   35,904
April 23, 2005         2nd placement match in Breda                 dispensation
May 29, 2005           3rd race in placement                        dispensation        
June 5, 2005           Semifinal sport in Huizen                    23rd place  9,400
June 18, 2005          Final Topsport in Nijmegen                   5th place   35,987


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