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Immanuel Mifsud (born September 12, 1967) is a writer of poetry and prose, born in Paola, Malta. He was for a time involved in research theatre. He wrote six collections of short stories, six poetry collections, and also children stories.

In 2011 he became the first Maltese writer to win the European Union Prize for Literature.

In 2014 he was appointed Member of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Malta.[1]

Immanuel Mifsud became the first Maltese writer to be hosted at the Library of Congress, Washington DC, where on 16 February 2017 he gave a reading and was interviewed during a special event.

In the same year he was commissioned to write a poem for Commonwealth Day. He read "The Book" during Commonwealth Day Celebration at Westminster Abbey on 13 March.

Immanuel Mifsud studied at the University of Malta where he was given a doctorate in literature in 2012. He teaches literature and literary theory at the same university.

Immanuel Mifsud


1991: Stejjer ta' Nies Koroh (Stories of Ugly People)
1993: Il-Ktieb tas-Sibt Filgħaxija (The Book for Saturday Night)
1999: Il-Ktieb tal-Maħbubin Midruba (The Book of Maimed Lovers)
2002: L-Istejjer Strambi ta' Sara Sue Sammut (Sara Sue Sammut's Strange Stories)
2005: Kimika (Chemistry)
2006: Happy Weekend (in English)
2008: Stejjer li ma kellhomx jinkitbu (Stories that should never have been written)
2010: Fl-Isem tal-Missier (u tal-Iben) (In the Name of the Father (and of the Son))
2014: Jutta Heim[2][3]


1998: Fid-Dar ta' Clara (At Clara's)
2001: Il-Ktieb tar-Riħ u l-Fjuri (The Book of the Wind and Flowers)
2004: Polska-Slovensko (bilingual, Maltese-English)
2005: km (bilingual, Maltese-English)
2005: Confidential Reports (in English)
2007: Poland Pictures (in English)
2013: Penelopi Tistenna (Penelope Waits)[4][5]
2016: Ħuta (Fish)[6]
2016: The Play of Waves (in English)


  • 2013: translated Molière's Don Juan for the first edition of the Valletta International Baroque Festival.[7]
  • 2014: translated and adapted for stage Nicholas Monsarrat's The Kappillan of Malta. Produced by Stagun Teatrali Malti for the Malta International Arts Festival (2014).[8]
  • 2015: wrote Faith, Hope u Charity for Stagun Teatrali Malti, presented at the Malta International Arts Festival (2015).[9][10]
  • 2016: translated Anders Lustgarten's Lampedusa for Unifaun Theatre.[11][12]
  • 2016: wrote this year's edition of Il-Qarcilla.[13]

Children's Literature[edit]

2004: Stejjer li Kibru fl-Art (Stories Growing on the Ground)

Literary Awards[edit]

  • 2015: National Literary Award, winner, Jutta Heim[14]
  • 2014: National Literary Award, winner, Penelopi Tistenna
  • 2011: European Union Prize for Literature, winner Malta, Fl-Isem tal-Missier (tal-iben)
  • 2008: Premio Strega Europa, shortlist, L-Istejjer Strambi ta' Sara Sue Sammut
  • 2005: National Literary Award, second place, Kimika
  • 2002: National Literary Award, winner, L-Istejjer Strambi ta' Sara Sue Sammut
  • 2001: National Literary Award, second place, Il-Ktieb tar-Riħ u l-Fjuri


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