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Immediate Mode GUI is a GUI where the event processing is directly controlled by the user. The key is the aspect of retained (RMGUI) vs non-retained UI (IMGUI). In the latter, the user code is holding on its own natural data, in the former it is stored in the GUI system, often hidden from the user code. The immediate mode GUI widget toolkits are more direct and thus less complex, thus they are a good choice for those who want a simple but easily changeable and extendable GUI toolkit, they are usually generic, open source and cross-platform. The original Immediate Mode GUI toolkit was imgui[1] which is based on OpenGL. The idea was popularized by Casey Muratori. There are others such as nuklear[2] with backends for several graphics libraries, kiss_sdl[3] for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) or dear imgui[4] written in C++ (here the jvm port[5]).

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