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2nd District of Cologne
Hauptstraße with Cologne Rodenkirchen Bridge in the background
Hauptstraße with Cologne Rodenkirchen Bridge in the background
Coat of arms of Rodenkirchen
Coat of arms
Location of Rodenkirchen shown in red
Location of Rodenkirchen shown in red
Country Germany
Federal state North Rhine-Westphalia
City Cologne
 • Total 54.6 km2 (21.1 sq mi)
Population (December 2008)
 • Total 100,935
 • Density 1,850/km2 (4,800/sq mi)

Rodenkirchen (German: Köln-Rodenkirchen) is a southern city district of Cologne (Köln) in Germany. It has about 100,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 54.56 square kilometres (21.06 mile²). The borough includes the quarters Bayenthal, Godorf, Hahnwald, Immendorf, Marienburg, Meschenich, Raderberg, Raderthal, Rodenkirchen, Sürth, Rondorf, Weiß and Zollstock.

The 1000-year-old quarter Rodenkirchen, situated close to the Rhine, today represents the center of the borough. It has more than 16,000 inhabitants.


Rodenkirchen is made up of 13 Stadtteile (city parts):

# City part Population (2009) Area (km²) Pop. per km² map
201 Bayenthal 8,508 1,28 6,647 District map of Rodenkirchen
202 Marienburg 5,497 3,05 1,802
203 Raderberg 5,643 0,84 6,718
204 Raderthal 4,768 3,21 1,485
205 Zollstock 21,049 5,04 4,176
206 Rondorf 9,532 8,20 1,162
207 Hahnwald 2,068 3,00 687
208 Rodenkirchen 15,764 7,83 2,014
209 Weiss 5,754 4,16 1,383
210 Sürth 10,348 3,46 2,993
211 Godorf 2,245 4,60 488
212 Immendorf 2,010 5,23 385
213 Meschenich 7,648 4,72 1,621
source: Die Kölner Stadtteile in Zahlen 2010 (in German)

Points of interest[edit]

Restaurant-ship – Alte Liebe
Restaurant – Zum Treppchen

St. Maternus[edit]

St. Maternus was built according to the plans of Vinvenz Statz from 1863 to 1867 at the former place of the Carthusian.

St. Maternus was built as a gothic church with only a few ornamentations. It has a tympanum with St. Maternus standing between two angels in front of a panorama of Cologne. Inside the church there is a madonna from Alt St. Maternus (English: Old St. Maternus), the former St. Maternus from 1470.

Restaurant-ship "Alte Liebe"[edit]

The ship named "Alte Liebe" (English: Old Love) is a landmark well-known beyond the town of Rodenkirchen. Originally constructed in 1947, it burned down and was restored three times. Today it is used as a restaurant and for events such as weddings.


Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer connects Rodenkirchen with the Cologne Ring, Bundesautobahn 555 connects Rodenkirchen with the Cologne Beltway.

Rhine bridges[edit]

Public transport[edit]

Rodenkirchen is the name of a Cologne Stadtbahn station, connected to the city centres of Cologne and Bonn by line 16.

KVB Rodenkirchen
Preceding station   KVB   Following station

Twin towns – sister cities[edit]

Rodenkirchen is "twinned" with the following cities:[1]


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